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The Linsly School is known to have some of the finest athletic facilities in the area. The beautiful campus provides ample playing areas for outdoor sports, while the Stifel Field House is home to the majority of our indoor sports teams. Additionally, Linsly's has an 8-lane indoor pool that is used year-round. The Linsly School is also fortunate to have the Rose and Phil Plumby Training Center, a beautiful and well-equipped environment for strength and conditioning.

Athletic Facility Rental Information

The Linsly School is able to accommodate outside rentals and guests to the school at times when Linsly students, coaches, and programs are not utilizing our facilities. The School's primary goal and obligation is always to serve Linsly's students, coaches, and members of our school community.

Outside groups looking for rental space should keep the following in mind:

  • The Linsly School charges $50 per hour and $25 per half-hour per court (field) for use by rental groups. Indoor spaces available for rental include courts that can easily be used for volleyball, basketball, tennis, indoor baseball practice (in small numbers), or aerobics programs. Outdoor spaces available may include grass practice areas, tennis courts, and fields for softball and baseball.
  • The rental of Linsly’s swimming pool has a different fee structure than what is mentioned above. Pool rental is $30 per lane/per hour, plus costs associated with having a certified lifeguard on deck at all times. Requests for the pool should be directed to Mr. Bill Brubaker at
  • In nearly all circumstances, outside rentals will not be offered at times when Linsly is hosting events and/or using a portion of the facility or area requested. The school has limited parking and/or special event space and must keep all factors in mind when welcoming outside groups.
  • Groups who request to rent space but do not utilize the “reserved space” will be charged for the rental unless notice is provided 3-days prior to the scheduled rental.
  • Linsly will have the right to deny use to any outside group for any reason.

Linsly’s Stifel Field House Manager, Dave Wojcik, will serve as the primary point of contact for outside group rentals. Mr. Wojcik may be reached via email at or telephone, at (304) 233-3260 Ext. 116.

Any requests to rent facilities not mentioned above should be directed to the main school phone number (304-233-3260). In most circumstances, a message will be taken, passed along to the most appropriate person, and then responded to within one week.