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At Linsly, athletics are an important part of a well-rounded education, in part because they contribute to physical well-being, but even more so for what they can teach.

Through athletics, students learn that hard work, perseverance, sportsmanship, and teamwork count at least as much as winning.

Every Linsly student is encouraged to participate in athletics. Middle school students can play on Linsly’s interscholastic teams and all are encouraged to get involved with a program or team. The upper school athletic program includes more than 20 interscholastic teams, which compete in the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference (OVAC) and with public, parochial, and private schools from the tri-state area of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. 

Even students who are not athletically inclined can choose an appropriate sport, and work with a coach to gain satisfaction of meeting the sport’s physical and mental challenges.


Linsly students and athletes shall, at all times, represent themselves and their school with honor, proper conduct, and good sportsmanship. They shall understand that competitive rivalries are encouraged as well as spirited and positive support for players and teams, but disrespect toward opponents, officials, coaches, or fans is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and runs contrary to the philosophy and mission of this school.

Student athletes shall comply fully with the rulings of the officials, and in no way, either by voice or gesture, shall they demonstrate dissatisfaction with decisions made. As representatives of their school, Linsly students and athletes shall conduct themselves in the proper manner at all times, both as spectators and participants.

Athletic Awards

The Schreiber Award – The trophy is awarded to the student who is outstanding in the display of sportsmanship during the year. The coaches present the award in the name of the late E.R. Schreiber, former trainer of Linsly football teams.

The Zimmer Award – The outstanding athlete of the year is chosen by the student body honoring the late John Zimmer, former Linsly athlete.

The Stobbs Award – The recipient of this award is the outstanding football lineman. Linsly coaches select the winner and present this trophy donated in the memory of the late Pete Stobbs, former Linsly athlete.

The Warren Pugh Award – This award is presented to the outstanding senior swimmer, selected by his peers for his team spirit, cooperation, effort, and ability.

The Trustee Award – This award is presented to the senior athlete who has best represented Linsly athletic standards to the general public in terms of displayed ability, dedication and leadership.

The Holden Award – This award is presented to the athlete who best exemplifies the qualities displayed by the late Dave Holden, former Cadet Major and Linsly Trustee. This award is based on a student's three year record athletic and academic achievements.

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Mathematics Teacher, Athletic Director
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