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Fall Teams

Upper school and middle sports enthusiasts have plenty to cheer about during our fall season. Athletes are in shape after a summer break and ready to win!  

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Winter Teams

The colder weather does not stop our student athletes from competing hard in all of their winter sports. Come out and support these dedicated young athletes!

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Spring Teams

The final season for our school sports teams is one of our most exciting. Teams are working hard and the fans are enjoying some great playing as they relax in the beautiful weather!

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Our Coaches

Athletic Director

Mr. B.J. Depew

Listed below are the head coaches for each sport:


Cheerleading - Girls, Varsity (Ms. Angel Lancaster)
Cross Country - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Nate Cumberworth)
Cross Country - Girls, Varsity (Mrs. Crissy D'Aquila)
Football - Boys, Jr. High (Mr. Kevin Kendzerski)
Football - Boys, JV (Mr. B.J. Depew)
Football - Boys, Varsity (Mr. B.J. Depew)
Golf - Varsity (Mr. Joseph Seabright)
Golf - Jr. High (Mr. Mark Landini)
Soccer - 5th/6th (TBD)
Soccer - 7th/8th (Mrs. Caty Coleman)
Soccer - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Greg Martin)
Soccer - Girls, Varsity 
Volleyball - Girls, Varsity (Mrs. Ashlee Jividen)
Volleyball - Girls, Jr. High (Ms. Melissa Leone)


Basketball - Boys, 5th/6th (Mr. George Irvin)
Basketball - Boys, 7th/8th (Mr. Doug Tush)
Basketball - Boys, 9th  (Mr. Dave Wojcik)
Basketball - Boys, JV (Mr. Tucker Wilkinson)
Basketball - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Dave Wojcik)
Basketball - Girls, 7th/8th  (Mr. Joseph Seabright)
Basketball - Girls, Varsity/JV (Mrs. Rebecca Upton)
Bowling - Coed, Varsity (Mrs. Penny Cunningham)
Cheerleading - Girls, Varsity (Ms. Angel Lancaster)
Hockey - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Stefan Brannare)
Swimming - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Nicholas Levi)
Swimming - Girls, Varsity (Mr. Nicholas Levi)
Wrestling - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Brian Valentine)


Baseball - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Jay Cartwright)
Baseball - Boys, JV (Mr. Christopher Kiedaisch)
Lacrosse - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Tucker Wilkinson)
Softball - Girls, Varsity (Mr. Paul Recrosio)
Swimming - Coed, Jr. High (Mr. Nicholas Levi)
Tennis - Boys, Varsity (Mrs. Rebecca Upton)
Tennis - Girls, Varsity (Mr. David Riethmiller)
Track - Coed, Jr. High (Mrs. Jennifer Neff)
Track - Boys, Varsity (Mr. Nate Cumberworth)
Track - Girls, Varsity (Mrs. Katie Wallace)